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Lojong 31) Do not strike at weakness (Don't criticize belief, love, trust, etc.)

6. Commitments (21-36)

31) Do not strike at weakness (Don't criticize belief, love, trust, etc.)

I posted this Lojong as a Twitter a few days ago and ever since then it has been returning to me for contemplation. My assessment is that I need to pay more attention to this slogan.

We all have different tendencies, weaknesses, and blind spots. I believe I have been striking at belief. I appreciate the rational analysis of Buddhism, but just as important is a commitment to compassionate action. I can rationally analyze this, but it is also simply a belief I hold. Just as I have many beliefs, and others may hold all sorts of beliefs. I hope to remember Lojong #2 about all of these things.

Belief is a crucial component in many spirtual practices. (Duh....) But actually, I have many connections to spiritual experiences in which I am not commited to belief. I experience Chi, Chakras, Tantra, mystery of the Higher Power, etc., but I still am mostly in an "it was as if ..." when I later recall what happened. The universe is so vast and my understanding so feeble, I can only remain open to "that could be so, and I will never know for sure."  And hopefully, with a genuine attitude of respect and awe.

But back to the point of this Lojong: I judge that I have been overly insistant that others engage in the same rational analysis that I prefer or else I judge them to be lacking in insight or having a barrier to enlightenment.

It is merely my preference that we all acknowledge when these beliefs are ... well, beliefs. (And the same is true for me about judgments; my preference is that we all admit when "it" is a judgment.) As soon as that happens, I am more likely to be "disarmed" of my judgments about their position, statements, etc. My goal is to reach this point of being disarmed without requiring anything of the other. It is not necessary that others meet my expectations in any way.  And others "deserve" my compassion without conditions.

My interpretation of this slogan is that it equally applies to love, trust, faith, and all of the other things that are not measured so easily (even with my best behavior analysis techniques!)

I intend to allow others to enjoy their beliefs, love, trust, etc., just as I enjoy mine.

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