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Using Our Fortunate Circumstances

Is having a fortunate birth and hearing the Buddhadharma enough to create enlightenment?

Most of us (who are reading this) have access to the "affordances" of modern life, like the Internet, education, health care, beautiful shelter, abundant food, and access to other resources.  I believe these things are what traditional Buddhism would call achieving a higher human birth.  Yet these things are merely external factors that may create an opportunity for spiritual development, if other conditions are present (and utilized).  I believe that some people can simply hear the Buddhadharma, and get it immediately.  Most likely, an individual who "immediately" got it; did so after years of study, meditation, and practice on the path.  

Since we have a very large pool of individuals who have at least some of the external conditions (of a fortunate birth) and other conditions such as the promulgation of the Dharma through magazines, the Internet, workshops, teachers, Sanghas, etc.; shouldn't we expect to see lots of enlightened individuals walking among us on the path of the Bohicitta?

Here is my point:  since the world has so many favorable conditions, what do we need to do to make proper use of these to bring about release of suffering for more people.  And I hesitate to ask this negative sounding question, but I will - why have these very favorable circumstances not produced a pronounced beneficial outcome?   

I believe (another thing I take on faith, not hard evidence) that it may be we are on the brink of an age of enlightenment.  I see this possibility in many young people, especially the so called "Millennial" generation.  But realistically, we are also on the brink of disaster from our ecological hubris and "anti-spiritual" practices.

We have all the conditions needed for a truly enlightened age.  What do we need to do to take proper advantage of these?  Maybe there is something we can each do to create a world in which the Buddhadharma awakens more of those who are in such a favorable position. 

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