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Lojong 10) Begin Taking and Sending with Yourself

2. Formal Practice (2-10)

Until I can do this for myself, I will be unable to do this for another.

The Taking and Sending referred to in this saying is the practice of Tonglen or Loving Kindness Meditation.  This topic is discussed in Logong 7, so the this post addresses why there is an instruction to begin Taking and Sending with yourself.

What do you think of the saying, "Until you love yourself; you will be unable to love another?"  If you understand this correctly, you probably already get this entire post.  Thank you, if you are still willing to read these thoughts on the matter.  If you would be interested here is a link to the stories of Pygmalion and Narcissus.  Love requires the ability to want the best for the other person, and in so doing our benefit is incidental (but probably inevitable).

I can take in my own sufferring and send out love and kindness to myself, whenever sufferring arises in myself; to the extent I become aware of this arising.  No matter how "enlightened" I am, there will be moments when I forget or become blinded to the causes of sufferring.  Hopefully, I can become aware of these moments as soon as they arise (and eventually before that).  If you would like to read more about this, try 42) Train in 3 Difficult Disciplines. The practice of Taking and Sending with Yourself will be particularly helpful as you begin to use Lojong 42 to deal with the recurrent events that we all encounter while working towards "Peace of mind in the real world."

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