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Lojong 11.) When evil fills the world, change adversity into the path of awakening. (Each obstacle is a chance to wake up)

3. Using Adversity (11-15)

11) When evil fills the world, change adversity into the path of awakening.  (Each obstacle is a chance to wake up)

Most of the time our chances to wake up are not presented by evil in the world; but a much more familiar source.  That source is our own reaction to others.  If someone says, does, writes, (or whatever) something that really pushes my button, I can be sure it is not about them.  It is clearly about me.  It is my own projection on the other person that causes my reaction and presents me with such an excellent opportunity to increase my awareness.  

Recently, I saw a post on another Buddhist site that provided a very good if there is such a thing (... oops there I go again) presentation on reincarnation.  Reincarnation discussions in any form, no matter how reasonable, just push my button.  I am still meditating on why this is.  On the surface level it is, of course, because the common understanding of reincarnation is such a barrier to enlightenment due to it's intense ego-clinging.  At a second level, even rational and reasonable discussions of reincarnation push my button because I believe discussing anything about reincarnation gives the ridiculous common usage understanding of it, more credence than it deserves. 

But I am sure there must be something else here for me.  While I clearly understand I can not know anything about the events after death, does that mean I really have to give credence to patently ridiculous and ignorant (.... whoa, here's that button again.)

Perhaps it is because I want so much for Buddhism to fit for me, that this "fly in the ointment" is such a bother.  Thank goodness for Philosophical Buddhism. 

This is similar to the problem I have with Christianity.  The message of Jesus, if we could ever truly know it, is so appealing.  But in my judgment the typical practices, conduct, and doctrines, of Christians are such a disappointment.  Despite The Jesus Project, the Jefferson Bible, etc., a satisfying Christian message is hard to find.

Back to the point, I constantly find my projections to be some of the best opportunities to practice Lojong and from that to learn about myself and release suffering.   (And as you can see from this post, I am having some really good opportunities for growth right now!)

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