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Lojong 9) Practice every activity with slogans

2) Formal Practice (2 - 10)

The lojong sayings cover the major philosophical underpinnings and practical requirements of the Dharma.

The sayings are helpful in learning about the philosophy and practice of the Dharma, however, it is likely that the sayings will be misunderstood if you don't already know.  Many of the sayings are written to highlight the paradoxes inherent in having a right understanding.  For example, on the surface "26) Give up hope of obtaining results" does not make sense to the traditional western mind.  And if fact, sayings like this one can be a yardstick of right understanding

As you become more familiar with the sayings, you will find that one of these can be applied to every activity you do.  And as you apply the sayings in everyday life, it will move your right understanding from moments of meditation to everyday life. 

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